Best Fishing Rods for Bass (2023): Expert Reviews & Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

best fishing rods for bass

As an angler, selecting the right bass fishing gear can significantly enhance your chances of success on the water. One of the most important pieces of equipment is undoubtedly the fishing rod. The best bass fishing rod will be a combination of factors such as action, power, length, and materials.

With countless options available, it can be challenging to find the top bass fishing rods that suit your needs and preferences. That’s why just like the list of top baitcasting reels for bass 2023, we have now shortlisted and curated a list of 8 best fishing rods for bass, sifting through numerous bass fishing rod reviews to bring you the ultimate guide to the best rods for landing those elusive bass.

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Our Top Picks

Editor’s Choice
best fishing rods for bass
Kastking Perigee II
  • It has Interchangeable rod tips
  • ​A great price point
  • It has ​Premium features
  • It is ​Lightweight
best fishing rod for bass
St Croix Mojo Bass
  • A flexible approach
  • Rods specifically designed for bass
  • It is lightweight
  • A comfortable cork handle
best fishing rods for bass
Ugly Stik GX2
  • Price to value ratio
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Lots of weights available

8 Best Fishing Rods for Bass

1.KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods for Bass

If you are looking for a low-cost best spinning rod for bass, then KastKing Perigee II Is best for you. Perigee II is inexpensive and has a lot of useful functions. Because of its superior characteristics, the Perigee II soon became a rage among fishermen from the start.

best fishing rod for bass

A carbon fiber blank is the focal point of the Perigee II spinning rod. We found it durable and long-lasting thanks to the carbon fiber. This rod should give you a lot of feels as well, although it won’t be as sensitive as graphite rods.


  • Brand KastKing
  • Material Graphite, Carbon Fiber
  • Color Spinning Twin-Tip 2pcs
  • Fishing Technique Spinning

The rod is particularly comfortable to hold because of the significantly high density. The EVA grips, which endow with a nice, comfortable grip for the angler. The grip does not get wet and never slips off, even if your palms are full of sweat or if the rod turns wet from a considerable splashing in the water.

An entire carbon matrix KastFlex blank makes up this rod’s construction. This method makes incredibly robust rods that will last you a long time. Furthermore, it gives the rod a tremendous amount of force, ensuring that neither our rod nor the fish escapes if things get a little tough. Another benefit is the increased precision we receive.

KastKing Perigee II’s acclaimed power transfer mechanism can be attributed to the hybrid spigot joints. They not only assist in generating a lot of power, but they also uniformly distribute it throughout the rod, from the grip to the tip. Because our bait is very responsive, even the tiniest movement is amplified by a factor of ten, allowing us to detect even the tiniest tug at our bait. You may now enjoy working with the fishing rod, knowing that it will provide the power you require for fishing. It can now be used to replace your old fishing pole.

  • It has Interchangeable rod tips
  • ​A great price point
  • It has ​Premium features
  • It is ​Lightweight
  • It is not suitable for large fish

The Perigee II has quickly established itself as one of the most popular mid-budget best spinning rods for bass that fishermen can rely on, both in the spinning and baitcasting rod categories.

2. Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Fishing Rod for Bass

Model is one of those rods where you just can’t go wrong. The Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod has all of the brand’s strength and dependability, plus new innovations that boost performance and longevity even more! It is the best spinning rod for bass.

best fishing rod for bass

The new rod combines graphite with fiberglass, giving it a smooth matte black finish that we love. Because of the graphite, the glossy black surface has given way to a matte black finish, which I find more appealing. Above the grip, the rod is finished with a classic diamond winding pattern in silver and red.


  • Brand                   Ugly Stik
  • Material                Graphite & fiberglass                          
  • Fishing Technique      Spinning

When on a fishing excursion, you can expect to experience wet conditions, especially if you are going to be out all day. The GX2’s EVA grip resists these conditions well. During more heated combat, it also feels comfortable in your hand but retains a firm grip, so you won’t drop it and lose it in the water.

The promise of Ugly Stik to its consumers is strength. One should be used for years without being unexpectedly broken when one is bought. We believe it will continue to hold up after a lot of use. This is especially useful for novices who haven’t yet learned any finesse. The rod still has the trademark clear tip that lets you know you’re holding an Ugly Stik, or, in the case of some of us, it enables us to select the stik out of a stack of rods hidden in the garage. We also like the one-piece guides, which will aid in catching anything and extend the rod’s overall life.

  • Price to value ratio
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Lots of weights available
  • Drag could be smoother

Among the best spinning rods for bass fishing, the Ugly Stik GX2 is the most affordable one. Beginners and kids will find it ideal. Even experienced fishermen will enjoy going out casually and having a little fun with this one. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the rod’s strength and /if you acquire it.

3. Entsport E Series – Camo Legend

For bass fishing, the Entsport E Series Camo Legend is the ultimate baitcasting rod. The length of this spinning rod and its capability to cast farther make it an ideal spinnerbait rod. We can reach the bigger fish with it.

best bass fishing rod

It’s also a cost-effective option, as it’s one of the less expensive choices to rods that can handle some heavy-duty fishing. This 2-piece Baitcasting Rod comes with the casting distance and the capacity for a fast retrieve needed for this style of fishing.


  • Brand ENTSPORT
  • Grip Type Split
  • Material Graphite
  • Handle Material  Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

We love this rapid-action rod that comes with two replaceable tips and folds down into two pieces for optimal portability. This is known as the best baitcasting rod for bass is rated medium heavy for battling through severe cover, and the other is rated medium power for use in moderate cover.

This two-in-one arrangement is particularly useful for individuals trying to conserve money or room when traveling. When it comes to durability, carbon fiber rods have a terrible rep, especially now that graphite rods are more popular. Even so, the Entsport Camo Legend is tough enough to take a beating. We were able to complete long fishing excursions without getting exhausted, thanks to the EVA foam grip and the small weight of this rod. You’ll have a lot of fun fishing for a long time with the Entsport Camo Legend.

You’ll also receive a one-year warranty as well as two alternative tips. Moreover, you can rely on your rod for repair or replacement if it breaks by doing so. Nevertheless, don’t expect this to happen anytime soon, as many people are happy with this rod. However, heavier fish may pose an issue because carbon fiber is not as sturdy as other materials. Despite this, the Entsport Camo Legend compensates by being tough in other areas and by being priced just right for people on a budget.

  • It is the best spinning rod for bass
  • The grip is very comfortable
  • Frictionless line flow
  • One year warranty is included
  • The rod is less durable than a graphite rod

As one of the best spinning rods for bass fishing, Entsport Camo Legend performs both light and heavy-duty tasks, including catching white bass, trout, and catfish.

4. St. Croix Rods Mojo Bass Casting Rod

Casting rods are good for fishing with crankbaits, and the St. Croix’s Mojo Bass Rod was created specifically to be one of the best bass rods for fishing. When it was first released, this rod was fantastic, but a thorough makeover improved it even more.

best bass fishing rod

It’s now made entirely of linear S-glass, with a one-piece blank that’s been performance-tuned with St. Croix’s Integrated Poly Curve tooling technology. Strong aluminum-oxide rings are used to make the guides, which allow any sort of line to pass through with minimal resistance. You’ll be able to cast farther, thanks to the increased grip. Its premium-quality cork handle features a split grip, which allows you to see part of the rod blank for greater sensitivity.


  • Brand  St. Croix Rods
  • Grip Type  Split
  • Material  Blend
  • Tension Level   Medium-Heavy/Fast 1pc
  • Color  Titanium

In addition to performing admirably, the Mojo Bass Glass Rod also looks great! St. Croix applies two coats of Flex-Coat slow-cure finish on this rod. It safeguards the blank and ensures that your rod remains in excellent shape for as long as you own it.

  • A flexible approach
  • Rods specifically designed for bass
  • It is lightweight
  • A comfortable cork handle
  • Tip bending issues

The St Croix Mojo bass casting rod is designed specifically as the best pole for bass fishing and can be used for a variety of presentations. For float-and-fly fishing, it comes in a variety of lengths ranging from 6 foot 8 inches to 7 foot 1 inches. You can also choose from a variety of power levels, such as medium-light, medium, and medium-heavy, to best suit your preferred technique

5. Tailored Tackle Bass Fishing Baitcasting Combo

Tailored Tackle’s Bass Fishing Rod was created with bass in mind, making it excellent for catching bass. Tailored Tackle Baitcasting combo is a great starter baitcaster for newcomers and occasional anglers because it’s cheap and simple. For beginners and casual fishermen, this is one of the best bass baitcasting combos. You can easily untangle tangles with it in seconds!

best spinning rod for bass

With seven ball bearings, the Tailored Tackle Bass Reel allows for smooth casting and retrieval. It boasts a 6.3:1 gear ratio, which allows you to reel in fast without compromising torque. Fixing tangles and knots in your line is simple with a pop-out spool. Magnetism is installed and is able to pull up to 17.5 pounds of drag.


  • Brand    Tailored Tackle
  • Color      RIGHT Handed Baitcaster
  • Fishing Technique   Baitcasting
  • Hand Orientation     Right
  • Rod Length    7 Feet

Featuring a 7″ long baitcaster rod with a sturdy backbone, the Tailored Tackle Bass Fishing Combo has all the tackle you need. It’s a medium-heavy rod with a rapid action that’s ideal for bass fishing. This rod can properly cast great distances and handle strong battling fish. For ease of storage, it comes in two pieces and is made of EVA foam for an ergonomic pistol grip.

  • The casting is fast
  • Easy to carry and lightweight
  • The price is reasonable
  • Provides excellent fishing performance
  • The grip end is short

A fantastic bass fishing baitcasting combo, the Tailored Tackle Bass Fishing Baitcasting Combo is affordable, durable, and designed for bass fishing only. This is an excellent baitcaster for beginners.

Fiblink is making a name for itself in the world of fishing rods and reels. The Fiblink 2-Piece & 3-Piece Sea Bass Fishing Rod has got your back whether you require a travel rod specifically for fishing the ocean or for huge freshwater species. Compared to other spinning rods, it’s too heavy for trout or bass fishing. If you’re hunting sailfish, however, this could be your best travel spinning rod for bass.

best bass spinning rod

The handles and foregrips are made of high-density cork, which is non-slip and provides a sure and comfortable grip by providing comfort and a sure grip by every circumstance. Lightweight and comfortable, these cork grips are durable and offer all-day comfort.


  • Brand   Fiblink
  • Material  Carbon Fiber
  • Tension Level  12 pounds
  • Color   12′ Heavy
  • Fishing Technique  Surf, Spinning

This great spinning rod for bass is built of pure carbon fiber and is as robust as nails, allowing you to apply the necessary pressure to huge species. Also, the reel seat and guides are designed to withstand the forces of nature at sea. They’re made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, and they’re great at resisting corrosion.

There is a higher chance that the guides’ inserts will pop out at times. If they aren’t cracked, this is a simple remedy; a dab of super glue and re-insertion should suffice. In terms of transportation, the Triomphante is disassembled into three components and delivered to your door in a stylish rod tube. It’s a terrific size when packed and ideal for any mode of traveling and featured to be one of the best spinning rods for bass.

  • Constructed from strong carbon fiber
  • Rod tube packs down easily for travel
  • Saltwater guides made of stainless steel
  • Enhanced reel seat
  • It’s a bit heavy

Fiblink Surf rods are inexpensive and are recommended for beginners or those who don’t regularly fish. It is one of the best spinning rods for bass, thanks to the stainless steel combined with the ceramic guide.

7. Akataka Bass Fishing Rod

Collapsible Fishing rods are usually embraced or shunned, but the Akataka Bass Fishing Rod may persuade even the staunchest supporters of two-piece rods. First, depending on whether you’re casting or spinning, you can choose from a variety of lengths. Casting rods come in two sizes: 7’1″ and 7’6″, both medium-heavy power and available in black or white. Spinning rods come in 7’1″ or 7’4″ lengths, medium power, and green or white colors.

best spinning rod for bass

We use the ideal guide spacing for optimum casting performance with reduced line friction. We are very pleased with the zirconium oxide guide because it ensures the fishing line goes out smoothly and gives us a long-casting distance. The fishing line will not be damaged even if you spend a long time fishing since it dissipates heat quickly.


  • Brand   Akasaka
  • Grip Type   6’11”spinning-Jig&Worm-ML-Fast 2pc
  • Material   Graphite
  • Color  Spinning-6’11”-ML-Fast
  • Fishing Technique Casting, Spinning

Each rod is composed of 24-ton pure carbon, making it among the most durable 2-piece best spinning rod for bass fishing on the market while remaining extremely light and responsive. These rods work as well as a standard one-piece rod. The Mega Wave handle is made of a combination of tough EVA and soft, pleasant material. The high-density split EVA handle provides optimal comfort in the hand while also being durable, enhancing our control and fishing enjoyment. The ergonomic handle design makes it more comfortable to use, allowing you to spend extended days on the water with less discomfort.

  • The Ideal guide spacing
  • PURE carbon rod of 24 tons
  • It is ultra-lightweight and sensitive
  • A 2-piece fishing rod that collapses to a compact and affordable size
  • Rods may snap under pressure

The Akasaka Bass Fishing Rod features an aluminum hood and an improved reel seat. Additionally, this bass fishing rod keeps you from becoming fatigued even after a long day of fishing because the fishing pole is lightweight.

8. St. Croix Rods Premier Casting Rod

Bass lures such as crankbaits are among the most adaptable, as almost any casting rod can be used to fish them. The St. Croix Premier Casting Rod is also a terrific choice for crankbait fishing. Crankbait rods are available in lengths ranging from 5.6 to seven feet, and many anglers feel that the seven-foot rod provides more casting distance, making it a better choice for crankbait fishing.

best bass fishing rod

We found Premier Fishing Rods from St. Croix are the most popular fishing rods on the territory and have been for decades. There are 38 different possibilities in the St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod collection! Basically, if you’re planning to do some freshwater fishing, this rod line features a version that you’ll enjoy. As a bonus, they’re also less expensive than other fishing rod lines.


  • Brand     St. Croix Rods
  • Material            Blend
  • Tension Level MHF
  • Color      Classic Black Pearl
  • Fishing Technique  Casting

These superb rods are constructed using Croix’s premium SCII graphite, which provides an incredible level of durability unmatched by comparable lightweight rods. This graphite is a strong and long-lasting mid-modulus graphite. It’s light and responsive, resulting in a rod with a lot of “feel.” Beginners and pros alike like the Premier Casting Rods because of their action, taper, and high-quality components.

  • Perfect for anglers who appreciate high-performance
  • lightweight, durable
  • Versatile
  • Solid warranty
  • Designed for casual anglers

The St. Croix Premier rod line is an American-made, flexible rod line with a model for just about anything you could imagine. It is less expensive than some of the company’s flagship models but more expensive than their genuine entry-level models, putting it in a “middle of the road” position and so providing a decent mix of performance and price.

Buying Guide

Let’s discuss some of the unique features or specs you need to look for before selecting the best fishing rod for bass fishing.


Aspects such as the overall structure are also significant. Take a look at the materials used to make the fishing pole. This is critical since it aids in the selection of a long-lasting model. The majority of models are now composed of carbon fiber and other high-quality materials. In addition, the overall comfort and grip have been increased. You can now comfortably handle even the hardest-fighting fish with a superior grip.


It’s important to consider how long your fishing rod is before using it. An average fishing rod is between six and eight feet long. Longer rods will enable you to cast the line farther. On the other hand, shorter rods tend to offer greater accuracy and control.


You should think about investing in a high-quality guide. This is because it is necessary for casting longer and lowering total line friction. Ceramic and titanium materials are used to make some of the greatest guides.

Line Weight

Another factor to consider is the line weight. Some people are prone to overcompensating with thick lines. The line weight is always specified so that you may choose the appropriate fishing rod. Many people believe that the 6 to 8-pound range is the greatest choice.


1-What is the best rod for bass fishing?

Bass fishing is most easily accomplished with a medium-heavy rod. If you want to cast lighter lures but still land large fish, a medium-light spinning rod is a perfect alternative, while a regular medium is a great choice as well.

2-How big should a bass fishing rod be?

Ideally, the length should be between seven and eight feet. Seven 1/2-foot rods make it easy to pitch the bait since they have a longer handle.

3-What makes the best bass spinning rod?

The majority of bass rods on the market now are made of graphite. Graphite fishing rods, such as the Bass Pro Shops Graphite Series Spinning Rod, are exceptionally light, making them ideal for extended days on the water.

Final Verdict

We hope that finding the best spinning rod for bass fishing is now much easier. If you are choosing one, you will also need to ensure that it fulfills all the requirements on your checklist. These two recommendations may be of assistance to you if you are in a hurry:

  • KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods

If you are looking for the best fishing rod for bass, then KastKing Perigee II Is best for you. Perigee II is inexpensive and has a lot of useful functions. Because of its superior characteristics, the Perigee II soon became a rage among fishermen from the start.

  • Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Fishing Rod

The Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod has all of the brand’s strength and dependability, plus new innovations that boost performance and longevity even more! It is the  all round fishing pole for bass.

Equipping yourself with the right bass fishing gear is essential for a successful day on the water, and choosing the best bass fishing pole is a crucial part of that equation. By considering the factors outlined in this article, you can make an informed decision that will elevate your bass angling experience. Keep the bass fishing rod reviews in mind, and you will be well on your way to landing the catch of a lifetime. Tight lines and happy fishing!

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