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In the world of angling, finding the perfect spinning rod can feel like a quest for the Holy Grail. With so many options available, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of features, materials, and price points. But fear not, intrepid anglers, for we have navigated the choppy waters and emerged with a treasure trove of spinning rods that won’t break the bank. Welcome to our guide on the best spinning rods under $100!

We know that budget is an essential factor for many anglers, and you shouldn’t have to compromise quality and performance for affordability. So, we’ve scoured the market and consulted with seasoned pros to curate a list of spinning rods that deliver exceptional value and functionality without costing a fortune. Whether you’re a novice angler looking for an entry-level rod or an experienced fisherman searching for a reliable backup, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into the world of high-quality, budget-friendly spinning rods in the catch of the day.

After getting a great feedback on best spinning rods of 2023, today’s article will cover the top spinning rods under $100 that are economically cheap but completely useful in their functions with the buying guide at the end that will help you to choose the best for you. These spinning rods are pretty different from baitcasting rods as they have a reel seat and eyes under the rod. So, without wasting any time, let’s start the article by first reviewing the Ugly Stik GX2.


Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Fishing Rod

The first fishing rod that secured the top spot in the article of the best spinning rods under $100 is the Ugly Stik GX2 spinning fishing rod. In 1976, Ugly Stik was introduced by Shakespeare, and since then, the spinning rod successfully won the hearts of millions through its compatibility and functionality.

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Top Features

  • Solid and balanced graphite and fiberglass construction
  • Durable one-piece Ugly Tuff guide
  • Ugly Signature Clear Tip
  • Lightweight EVA handle

Sturdy Grip

The rod handle is made up of EVA material that perfectly fits your hand with maximum grip. EVA Foam is the latest product of the beneficial technology that has substituted the long-running cork.


One fantastic thing that makes Ugly Stik GX2 the best is its versatility. You can use this spinning rod for fishing in freshwater and saltwater. To get the most, you have to use Stik GX2 in freshwater, manufactured for freshwater fishing. However, it is good to use saltwater too.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Value for Money
  • Decent Outlook


  • No cork handles

Product Conclusion

Overall, Ugly Stik GX2 has all that one could ask to be present in a valuable spinning rod. Thus, this spinning rod is a great way to master your fishing for beginners.

You might also be interested to know about the best spinning rod and reel combos to equip yourself with the best combination for starting out your fishing journey.

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod

Next is another spinning rod under $100 of Shakespeare named Ugly Stik Elite. Ugly Stik Elite like GX2 increases your creativity and amusement in fishing. The exciting feature about Ugly Stik Elite is it’s suitable for almost all anglers. Thus, for beginners and professionals, the ideal spinning rod that you can carry on a fishing trip is the Ugly Stik Elite Rod.

Top Features

  • More than 35% graphite for extra strength
  • Solid build material
  • Clear top design
  • Premium cork handle

Premium Cork Grip

The rod handle is significantly different between Ugly Stik GX2 and Ugly Stik Elite. Unlike the Ugly Stik GX2, the handle of the Elite spinning rod is made of premium quality cork. This cork offers excellent friction, which contributes to the grip. But, more than that, the handling becomes more manageable even if your hands are wet.

Clear Tip Fiberglass:

The Fiberglass clear tip is really a good feature of this, it adds more strength and toughness to the rod, making it a strong and yet lightweight spinning rod so that you get a long-lasting durable tip.

Stainless Steel One-Piece Guides

The one thing that is identical between the two spinning rods of Shakespeare is their stainless-steel one-piece guides. This one-piece guide increases the angling accuracy and provides good durability.


  • Sensitive and Flexible Tip
  • Easy Handling
  • Value for Money
  • Robust Quality


  • The line guides may cause issues after some time in some cases

Product Verdict

Ugly Stik Elite is packed with valuable features and with an updated design and look, it’s more sensitive than the GX2 and is also more charming and yet an affordable one, therefore this rod in our opinion is the best budget spinning rod.

Fenwick Eagle Spinning Fishing Rod

The third spinning rod on our list is the Fenwick Eagle spinning fishing rod, which has swept the market in 2021 due to its functionality. The history of Fenwick is known to everyone because every time, their graphite-made spinning rods gave an overall decent performance. Fenwick Eagle is the successor of Fenwick GT. In simple words, Fenwick Eagle is an upgraded model of Fenwick GT.

Top Features

  • Functional and balanced design
  • Excellent casting
  • Superb rod action
  • High-sensitivity and decent handling

Great Sensitivity

The sensitivity of the Fenwick Eagle spinning rod comes through its building material which is graphite. You will be able to detect the lightest bites and due to its lightweight design, you will not be getting tired.

Upgraded Guides and Better Casting

The upgraded stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts provide increased casting performance with less friction and the overall process is much smoother now. With good angling, you can cast the bait to a longer distance.


  • Truly Affordable
  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • Stainless Steel Guides
  • 5-year Warranty


  • Not suitable for larger fish

Product Conclusion

There is a contradiction in the sturdiness of the Fenwick Eagle rod. A few users have complained that it breaks while catching larger fish. Thus, if you want a Fenwick Eagle rod, we suggest you use it for smaller fish.

SHIMANO Solora 2-Piece Spinning Rod

In 2023, besides Ugly Stik and Fenwick, the Shimano Solora rod is another best spinning rod under $100. With a solid graphite reel seat and durable aero-glass, many valuable factors compel a customer to purchase a Shimano Solora spinning rod. Below are some features that helped us add the Shimano Solora spinning rod in our article.

Top Features

  • Equipped with solid locking reel seat
  • Durable aero-glass for superb sensitivity
  • Best for new anglers and learners
  • Smooth line flow with aluminum oxide guides
  • 2 piece

Graphite Reel Seat

The best fishing with Shimano Solora is using its solid graphite reel seat to lock the target quickly. As a result, you get leverage over the sensitivity when attaching the reel with the rod.

Aluminum Oxide Guides

Generally, everyone knows that aluminum material signals the fish strikes more accurately and swiftly than any other material. Therefore, armor-plated aluminum oxide guides help you detect the fish strikes in a minimum time.

Fast Rod Action

The medium power of the Shimano Solora spinning rod allows you to act fast during fishing. Here, power means the force you apply on the rod that bends it.


  • Best Tool for Beginners
  • Good Casting
  • Lightweight
  • Value for Money
  • Traveler Friendly


  • Not much recommended for large fishes

Product Conclusion

Shimano Solora 2-Piece spinning rod is truly an affordable option in the market compared with several other rods. It’s also good for traveling due to the 2 piece configuration.

Abu Garcia Vengeance Spinning Rod

Marking the middle of our article is a famous spinning rod that is amazing in its outlook and contains a stylish Hispanic-Arabic name. Yes, we are talking about the Abu Garcia Vengeance spinning rod, famously known as the best brand for bass rods. Abu Garcia Vengeance rod has many convenient features, which are discussed below.

Top Features

  • Manufactured with 24-ton graphite
  • Light in weight
  • Well-balanced
  • The micro click reel seat
  • Water repellent EVA handle

Unparalleled Comfort

Although the rod itself is lightweight, the presence of EVA foam also contributes to the ease of handling. So, with an exceptional grip and lightweight tool, it is possible to do fishing all day long.


One reason that makes Abu Garcia Vengeance one of the best cheap spinning rods is its price tag and user reviews. This rod is exceptionally affordable, and one can easily purchase it from a local fishing rod store or Amazon.


  • Easy on Pocket
  • Durable
  • Easy to Handle
  • Ideal for Freshwater


  • It is not versatile (not suitable for saltwater)

Product Verdict

Simply, Abu Garcia Vengeance is a perfect combination of low-budget and performance. Thus, you should give Abu Garcia a try if you haven’t tried it yet.

Eagle Claw Featherlight Spinning Rod

Eagle Claw Featherlight Spinning Rod is famous for its lightness and handling. Eagle Claw Featherlight is a slow-action spinning rod. Below are some of the outstanding features of the rod.

Top Features

  • Fiberglass Construction
  • Attractive Cork with Superb Grip
  • Ultralight
  • Value for Money

Unbeatable for Smaller Fishing

The Eagle Claw Featherlight spinning rod is primarily designed for hunting smaller fish, and its performance is exceptionally perfect in streams and rivers. Therefore, as the casts are short, accuracy and precision are no issues.

Sturdy in Construction

When it comes to the construction, Eagle Claw has not compromised and made Featherlight spinning rod strong for frequent use. However, it is not such a rod that will break after using it once or twice as fiberglass is used.

Comfortable Handling

The beautiful-looking cork is also practical in its functioning. The cork can absorb sweating, repel water, and remain non-slippery until you stop fishing.


  • Budget-Friendly Rod
  • Best for Small Fishing
  • Easy to Handle
  • Ideal for Beginners and Professionals


  • Comparatively smaller grip than the other rods but that’s is understandable for a featherlight rod

Product Verdict

The Eagle Claw Featherlight spinning rod is only helpful for fishing in small rivers and streams. You cannot find any other rod as lighter as this and can train your kids with this rod and they will not get tired.0

Cadence CR7 Spinning Rod

The CR7 series of rods are made from materials that bring strength and sensitivity without weight and are made to deliver a premium rod at a greater value than the competition.

Top Features

  • One-Piece Rod
  • Graphite Blanks with Stainless Steel Guides
  • Fuji Reel Seat
  • Made for Freshwater

Made for All Anglers

The CR7 spinning rod is an all-rounder fishing rod with which every angler finds the way to get maximum performance. In addition, the rod is available in different models, powers, and lengths. Thus, options are not limited to anyone.

Sturdy Construction

The common fear of a man who does fishing is breaking the spinning or fishing rod. But it will not happen to the Cadence CR7 rod as it is made of 40-ton carbon, stainless steel frame, and Fuji reel seat.

An Economical Tool

Unlike the most expensive spinning rods, Cadence CR7 is a budget-friendly rod, and it is easy to purchase as it is readily available on e-commerce and retail stores.


  • Durable Construction
  • Multiple Configurations, Lengths, and Actions
  • Decent Outlook
  • Reasonable Price


  • Tip guide size is small

Product Verdict

The features in Cadence CR7 are a bit more limited than the Ugly Stik and Fenwick Eagle spinning rods. But if you are looking for a pure freshwater rod, then the CR7 rod is a good option.

Best Spinning Rods Under $50 – More Affordable Options

For the next section of the spinning rods under $50, we have selected the two best cheap spinning rods that are light on your pocket and packed with fishing fundamentals.

PLUSINNO Elite Hunter Spinning Fishing Rod

The first spinning rod that we have under the price tag of $50 is the Elite Hunter Fishing Rod of Plusinno. From an economic point of view, this rod has all the plus points that make it a helpful fishing rod.

Top Features

  • Double Locking Reel Seat
  • Smooth Power
  • Non-slip EVA and Cork Handle

Ceramic Guides

Ceramic guides make Elite Hunter a versatile fishing rod as it is compatible with all types of lines.

Anti-Winding Tip

The Elite Hunter spinning rod tip is designed to resist the strong wind and protect the fishing line from twisting.

Carbon Technology – Maximum Sensitivity

The use of IM6 carbon matrix technology causes an incredible performance and increases the sensitivity of the road.


  • Highly Sensitive
  • Easy to Use
  • Most Economical


  • It gets scratches if used rou

Product Conclusion

Under $50, it is hard to find an alternative rod that will be as incredible in performance as the Elite Hunter fishing rod.

Zebco Rhino Tough Glowtip Spinning Rod

The second best spinning rod under $50 is the Zebco Rhino Tough spinning rod that exhibits its durability in freshwater fishing. Below are some remarkable characteristics of the Zebco Rhino rod.

Top Features

  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Supports Light Lures
  • Optimum Sensitivity

Undoubtedly Tough

As the name “rhino” suggests, the rod is highly durable as heavy-duty graphite is used in its construction.


You can use this rod to catch fish of small and medium species as the rod can sustain is designed to give flawless output with efficient components.


The heavy-duty graphite along the 5 perfectly-engineered guides are a few reasons that allow you to use Zebco Rhino for rugged use too.


  • Easy to Use
  • Non-Breakable
  • Ideal for Small and Medium Fish Species


  • The rod has some balancing issues

Product Conclusion

The existence of balancing issues is why Zebco Rhino could not make it to the first spot in the category of best spinning rods under $50. Otherwise, it has a wide range of advantages.

How to Choose the Best Spinning Rod? Here is a Complete Buying Guide

The whole fishing procedure is based upon the use of fishing or spinning rod. The entire fishing experience with a spinning rod surrounds the way you set up the angling. However, it is also essential to know that quality is a significant factor that could impact the performance of a spinning rod. Usually, people consider that the best cheap spinning rods are limited to some extent, but that is not true at all. You can cover a longer time with a single spinning rod by choosing the best product.

As it is difficult to purchase a fishing rod on your own because the market is stuffed with different types and brands, our buying guide is here to help you. By reading this, you will be able to buy the best spinning rod under 100, 50 dollars or more with great ease by having some hold onto the technicalities of the rods.

1- Length of Rod

A fishing rod is available in many options in terms of length. Generally, a fishing rod stays between 4 to 14 feet, as the experts say that for one, it is essential to know which size will be the most suitable for a person.

The length of a rod has several impacts as it determines how far one can cast the rod. It is pretty simple to understand that longer rods make longer casts and shorter rods make shorter casts. But here is a shortcoming of longer rods that is hard to control or maneuver. On the other hand, spinning rods of shorter lengths compromise their casting, but they are easy to handle.

Thus, the ideal length that one can use to enjoy the ultimate experience of using a spinning rod is to get a rod of length 5 to 7 feet. For beginners, a general approach is to use a 7-feet rod.

2- Material of Rod

Fishing rods are made from different materials and are available in various types. That is why the fishing rods are classified into three categories, fiberglass, graphite and composite. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discuss each class in a bit of detail.

Fiberglass Fishing Rods

In the category of the best cheap spinning rods, fiberglass has been in fashion from an ancient period. It is vital, contains durability, and above all, a fiberglass rod is an affordable option for most people.

The only pros that we have found in them are that their durability makes them the best option for new people in the field.

Fiberglass rods are relatively heavy and require acquiring a level of handling the rod.

Graphite Rods

The second type of fishing rod is made up of graphite. The use of graphite rods started in the 1970s, and it came out as the most convenient alternative to fiberglass.

The advantage of graphite rods is that they are pretty durable to the bites. They are also light in weight and make the handling of the rod easier than ever. But, as they are stiffer, they are kind of brittle. And one more critical factor is that the price of graphite rods is way steeper than fiberglass.

Composite Rods

The third and last type of fishing rod is the composite rod. Composite rods are mostly by most professionals, and if you want to take a chance to purchase something that comes just above both fiberglass and graphite rods, then the option is the composite rod.

Composite rods are also multipurpose in their functioning. A composite rod can be used in different waters. Catching a fish is somehow guaranteed with a composite rod, but it is hard to deny that the price of a composite rod is more than both fiberglass and graphite rods.

3- Choosing the Action- Fast, Medium or Slow?

Most of the time, people do not count the action while purchasing a spinning rod and have different issues. Understanding the action is one of the critical factors before buying the best spinning rod. In other words, after the shape, length, and material of a rod, the next important component is its action. The rod’s action helps us understand at which point and how much a rod should bend.

Terms like fast, medium or slow come to the context when the speed of the loaded rod is observed. However, it is also the action that controls and allows the rod to come back to its original position. There are three categories of action rods.

Slow Action Rod

The first type is usually the most bendable category. Slow rods tend to bend to their butt. Trout and Panfish are the perfect types of fish where you can try the slow action rods because a slow action rod provides you with more battling scenarios.

Slow action rods also give you the chance to make better casts, and their small baits take longer to get hooked inside the mouth of a fish.

But then, there are some downsides of slow-action rods. They are perfect when it comes to setting the hook. You have to pull farther when a fish bites until the fish gets hooked.

Medium Action Rod

Unlike slow-action rods, a medium-action rod bends a little less. A medium-action rod is generally known for its decent hooking settings and the feature to cast far. Medium rods lie in between the slow and fast action rods. They are prompt in their action from the slower ones but slower than the quicker rods.

Medium action rods give more to fish to bite the lure. In addition, as a medium-action rod is versatile, you can use multiple hooks to catch the fish in different waters.

Fast Action Rod

As the name suggests, a fast action rod bends at its tip (the uppermost part), and as they are sensitive to the bites, they quickly let a man know whether a fish is hooked or not. In addition, in fast action rods, you can enjoy the powerful hooking settings because they snap back swiftly.

A fast action rod works perfectly with single hooks. However, worms and jigs are also acceptable to use with them. Due to some features that we discussed, anyone can bring the fish out of the heavy covers of water.

4- Power of the Rod

Rod power or simply power is a term that means what is the ability of a rod to bear the pressure or how much power is required to bend the rod. Generally, the rod power is closely related to rod action. Therefore, small or light rods work well for small fish, while heavier rods are perfect for large fish.

There are different stages of rod power, and they are as follow:

  1. Ultra-Light
  2. Light
  3. Medium
  4. Medium-Heavy
  5. Heavy
  6. Ultra-Heavy

So, make sure to know the right rod power if you are considering buying some of the best cheap spinning rods, as it will impact your fishing experience.

Other Important Components of Fishing Rod

1- Rod Handle

The first thing that you contact is the handle of a fishing rod. If the grip is good, the chances are very low to lose a fish after hooking up. The handle is an essential element in any rod, and the primary factor while discussing the handle is its grip.

The spinning rod handle is made up of several materials, and customization is also done to them. However, there are two most popular types of rod handles: EVA Foam and Cork.


Cork is one of the most traditional handles for spinning rods. However, you will find the cork handle in almost every rod, from cheap to expensive rods. Cork provides excellent grip, and one factor that makes it distinct is that even if your hands are wet, you will not lose your grip on the handle.

With technology advancing every day, the quality of cork has changed a lot. To obtain a quality cork in a spinning rod is a bit challenging. That is why the attention has diverted towards the EVA Foam handle.

EVA Foam

EVA Foam is the latest type of rod handle and has several advantages over the cork. It came out as the best alternative to the cork, and now in most modern spinning rods, EVA Foam is readily available.

Unlike Cork, EVA Foam is easy to clean, light in weight, durable, and offers maximum grip and control over the rod. The build quality of EVA Foam is also better than cork. In our view, we would suggest you choose a rod handle that fits perfectly into your hand, and you can conveniently control the rod while casting.

2- Rod Guides

If you consider that rod guides have a minimal role in the performance of your spinning rod, then it is not correct. Believe it or not, these little rings play an important role in improving your angling. So, no matter if the spinning rod is under $50 or $100. But the existence of rod guides can fill your fishing experience with a bit of ease.


We provided you with the complete guide about buying the best spinning rod for you, although all the rods mentioned here have proved themselves, therefore, they made it till here and the best one will depend on your fishing style and needs but our overall best will be the Ugly Stik Elite and Ugly Stik as the second best.

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