What is Drop Shot Fishing? Explore the Underwater World

What is a drop shot in fishing? Many anglers attempt to catch Bass on the surface when fishing for Bass. It is challenging to catch Bass because of how sensitive their eyes are to light. You might not have known that Bass has a keen sense of smell. They can detect the slightest of disturbances on the water. Therefore, it makes it easier for Bass to feed on baitfish that live at the bottom of the water. This Bass fishing technique is known as Drop Shot fishing.

However, one can do fishing nicely by trolling, bait casting and flying fishing, etc. But one of the best fishing techniques is drop shot. Drop shotting is a great technique for fishing with plastic baits. Anyhow, the drop shot is effective because it is often very hard for the fish to see the bait, so they bite quickly. This blog will look at the different components of a drop shot fishing technique.

In addition, there is a long list of drop shots available in the market. Therefore it gets really hard to make the right selection. Here we try to give a thorough snapshot of this underwater world attacker. Let us see what is a drop shot in fishing and how it performs while hitting a target of a school of fish, mainly the Bass.

what is drop shot fishing

Drop Shot Fishing Tool

A drop shot fishing technique angles a fishing line to get the bait to the bottom of the water faster. The fishing line is cast into the water and slowly let out until the bait hits bottom. This technique is used when fishing in deeper waters, typically over 20 feet deep.

Because in these waters, fishes are not unaware of different tactics to deceive them. Therefore, fishes wisely swallow a worm and head forward most of the time. Anyhow, the drop-shot technique can fool the fish very smartly.

In this technique, you have to use a light line, which contains a hook and a light weight. The hook is attached to the end of the line with the help of a swivel. The hook is then dropped just above the bottom and bounces of the bottom to impart action to the top part of the line which results in movement that is similar to the action of a worm.

After discussing, what is a drop shot in fishing, let’s move forward to the drop shot tool. When we divide the drop shot fishing tool into its components, it becomes clear that it has gear, lines, and mainly weight in its composition.

what is drop shot fishing

Wire Hook

Drop shot consists of a thin wire hook with a weight fixed on the tail end of the line. This weight leader is designed to suspend your lure in the water near the bottom. Because this drop shot does not let your bait touch the bottom, that is why it proves a real and classic trap for fish. However, poor fish think it is a real worm swimming around, which will be miscalculated later on.


Drop shot fishing mainly needs lightweight gear like finesse fishing gear and a light to the medium rod of approximately 7 feet, which is an outcome of extra-fast action. Spinning wheel from lightweight to medium weight often proves a great choice, mainly in water where excessive fishing is a routine and drop shots are no stranger to fish.


A light line is a wise selection when you are going fishing. Therefore around a 10 to 20 pound intertwine line can be a nice choice. Furthermore, when it gets a combination of a fluorocarbon line of 6-8 pounds weight, things get cool.

However, the selection of lines depends on the nature of the waters. If you opt for deep water fishing, a larger stretchable line is appropriate. Therefore monofilament line is an ideal choice here. The same is the case for fresh water lines.


Markets have many weights available with various shapes. But while choosing drop shot rigs, cylindrical or teardrop shapes must be prioritized because cylindrical weights can easily combat strong water currents. And again, this kind of shape is good for double-dealing with fish.

But choices for weight can vary widely according to the type of waters and depth. Because in deep and aggressive water, most of the time, heavyweights go well. Normally 1/4 to 1/8 ounce weight remains on the top of the selection list.

Spinning Rod

Drop shot offshore fishing venture is more successful with a medium-weight spinning rod. If water bodies are small and narrow, lightweight and ultra-lightweight spinning rods are the best choices. This type of fishing is good for trout, bluegills, and even Bass in small water bodies. However, the bait must be an irresistible food.

But before going on fishing, you must take into account the power, action, and length of a fishing rod. You should also check out our expert’s recommendations on overall best spinning rods and best spinning rods under $100 also which will be assisting you a lot in the execution of your drop shot technique smoothly.

Why Drop Shot Rig is the First Choice?

There are many reasons which make drop shot rig a priority to fishing lovers. Mainly it is a good presentation of your bait to the target fish as your bait is continuously hovering in water and gives a natural and a different trap to fish.

A quick notice of strike as there is no other weight between you and hook. Furthermore, the lines are lightweight; therefore, you instantly notice the jerk on the rod whenever a fish makes a strike. In this way, you can capture as many fish as you want.

A More Trickery Rig

Fluorocarbon rig, the leader in drop shot, becomes invisible when underwater. Hence it proves a more trickery rig to the fish as nothing is prominent apart from the dancing worm, so the successful lure attracts the fish in no time.

However, even in fewer crystal waters, its rig is not visible. We know that we can move the bait without disturbing the weight off the bottom. So this whole position is as real as life.

Even this lure is successful under the sea. Its appearance forces the camouflaged fish to come out of their hideouts and become prey. So a good count of fish is always a result of drop shot fishing anywhere and in any water.

what is drop shot fishing

What is a Drop Shot in Fishing – Various Modes

Drop shot fishing is not as simple as it seems because there are varieties of fish worldwide. Moreover, waters are not in the same conditions in the world. Depth of aquatic region is another question to keep in mind while fishing, so techniques and equipment selection needs a careful understanding.

Types of Drop Shot Baits

While discussing a drop shot in fishing, we surely discuss the types of drop shot baits. However, we can’t trust a single type of drop shot bait as different conditions need different actions.

Therefore when picking the worm or right lure for a drop shot, there are some variables to think about.

  • Which species of Bass is your target?
  • What is the temperature of your target water?
  • Is it cold or warm?
  • What are the possible number of minnows present in these waters?

Wise answers to the earlier question will undoubtedly help you choose the right lure for your adventure. Once you’ve selected the right baits, you should focus on color.

Color Selection

Color selection can be an incredibly threatening effect, but the most simple color goes best. It is almost impossible to make the right choice firsthand. Any purple, a green pumpkin, and a natural baitfish color can face almost any aquatic life worldwide. Another loveable drop shot bait is the missile quiver 4.5 and either 6 or 6.5.

About 12 inches above the weight, Texas rigged with a small shad-­mimic lure on a 1/0 Light Hook is a good combo. Lastly, many other lethal minnow imitators have a gliding or darting action just like the real one. As a result, the trap is a real success for smallmouth fish.

Best Ways to Present Drop Shot

After putting light on the technique of what is a drop shot in fishing, let’s now take a glance at the best ways to present a drop shot. However, it is not always a good trick to drop a shot straight in the waters. There are multiple angles and ways to give a catchy drop shot presentation.

However, when the exact location of Bass is on your graph, it is best to drop the shot in the water and let the bait pause for a few seconds. After a brief rest, one can slowly uplift the lure while weight is static on the bottom. This technique is the best during the spring season.

Also check our best fishing rods for bass to target the bass fish with great efficiency and amazing results.

Drop Shot in Swift Currents

Drop shot fishing rod in swift currents is a smart trick to attract smallmouth fishes sticking to the bottom. In such conditions speed of the drop, a shot must be in harmony with the current speeds.

Furthermore, weight is the main factor here. Weight should neither be too heavy nor too light in aggressive waters. Heavyweight will kill the natural action of your bait, while lightweight will be unable to withstand the strength of currents.

So a drop shot weight of 3/8 to ½ is surely a wise selection when fishing in strong currents or deep waters.

Deepwater with Algae

A cylindrical hook is fruitful in deep water with sea shrubs and red algae. Moreover, a straight drop shot rig in such waters is good as it again gives natural vibes to hidden fishes. And search for food forces them to strike this drop shot bait. This trick will make your day.

One wants to fish that extensive depth range down the last corner when the Bass is scattered. There should take a dragging trajectory around the whole range of reefs and shelters of fish. In such waters, merely drop down and triggering a drop shot bait will not work. Rather dragging movement of drop shot bait will be a real trap to scattered Bass over there.

Ending Note

Basic drop-shot setup includes fishing line, reel, leader, and rod. Above all, selecting the right bait according to weather and types of fish can potentially catch more fish. We have tried to give a summarized view of what is a drop shot in fishing and its technique. Hopefully, it will prove a good guide to beginners, particularly those intending to go for bass fish in freshwaters.

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